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B2B databases - key factors

B2B database provider - Key Parameters to look at while buying any B2B database

Freshness of dataset

A lot of B2B database providers simply store and resell the same data again and again. This leads to inaccuracies of the data set. The best B2B database providers will process data real-time as per the needs of the customers.

Match to your target criterion

For any B2B campaign to succeed the most important part is if you are reaching out to the right set of companies and decision-makers. It's important to purchase a B2B database from companies who can customise the B2B database to your targeting criterion.

Email deliverability accuracy

Ideally, your email deliverability should be more than 90-95%. If your B2B database provider is not committing you an accuracy of at least 90-95%, then simply look for another one. The more your emails go bounce the more your domain reputation takes a toll.

Cost per contact

While the cost per contact is important, it's not the only factor while you buy B2B database. First, establish the other 3 points and then focus on the cost. The best B2B database providers will provide all of the above in a competitive price band.

B2B database requirements?

B2B database provider

B2B database provider - EasyLeadz

See what EasyLeadz can do for your B2B databases needs.

Database by job roles

HR, CFO, CSR, Purchase, Founders etc.

EasyLeadz can build a high-quality B2B database based on job roles like HR databases within a specific industry and a location. Targeting CSR or purchase managers in a region? Not to worry, EasyLeadz can build it.

Database by industry

Based on industries like Manufacturing etc.

So you are targeting all Retail companies with more than 50 employees and within those companies, you want to reach out to the Store managers? Finding it hard to get this data? You know where to look at from now onwards.

Database by location

Targeting companies by the city?

EasyLeadz can provide you B2B database based on location like a particular city or regions in both India and the United States of America along with Singapore and Malaysia. Planning to scale your business outside India or in the USA itself? Reach out to us for B2B database needs.


B2B database provider

Get a free B2B database sample and see if it matches your targeting criterion


Manufacturing companies database

EasyLeadz provides high-quality manufacturing B2B database. You can get the right decision-makers along with their verified work emails and direct contact numbers across the manufacturing domain.

The database can be further customised to target specific job roles like CFO in all manufacturing industries or Purchase managers in all manufacturing companies. You can reach out to Top manufacturing companies in India or in the USA using EasyLeadz highly accurate B2B database.

Funded companies database

EasyLeadz provides B2B databases for companies that have recently raised funding in both India and the United States region. You can further get it customised by location, industry, job roles that you want to target.

Along with the email and direct numbers, you will also get what round of funding is raised by the company and the amount of funding raised.

Information Technology (ITES) companies database

EasyLeadz provides IT companies database along with the right decision-makers and their verified work emails and direct numbers.

You can reach out to the IT head, CIO, CTO, CISO in these companies or the Founder/CEO or any other profile as per your targeting persona.

E-commerce companies database

EasyLeadz has the capability to provide a database of e-commerce companies or to say the companies who sell their products or service online.

Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Infibeam are the online product sellers and companies like UBER, OLA Cabs, Urbanclap are the online service sellers. EasyLeadz can provide B2B database for both categories within the e-commerce sector.

SAAS companies database

Nowadays, companies want to engage technology companies aka SAAS or Software as a service company. These are hard to find for any traditional B2B database provider.

EasyLeadz uses machine learning to find SAAS companies and can provide you with their B2B data.

B2B database by employee size

EasyLeadz can customise your B2B data based on the number of employees working in the organisation. You can target companies let say that have less than 50 employees or SME's or those who have more than 500 employees or enterprises.

Targeting companies by their employee's size help you focus on the right companies segment that will give you better ROI on your B2B sales campaigns.

Other industries database

EasyLeadz provides B2B databases based on around 70+ industries like Pharma, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, ITES, Computer Software, Travel, Internet, E-commerce, Logistics and many more.

The goal is to match your B2B data needs to the most relevant industry that has high chances of conversion for your business.

B2B database by location

EasyLeadz provides B2B databases for India, United States of America, Singapore and Malaysia region.

You can customise your targeting based on the country or a particular city like New York.

Key executive database

EasyLeadz provides B2B databases based on job roles. Targeting Chief Financial officers in a company is now just a request away.

Be it, niche titles like Python developers or standard job roles like HR heads, CHRO's, CMO, CIO, CTO, Founders etc. EasyLeads has the capability to provide you with the right decision-maker database.

MNC database

Looking to target companies that have a head office outside but a branch office in your country? Our a head office in your location but also a presence in other countries?

Companies like Microsoft, IBM, UBER, Amazon, Salesforce, Dell. All of these are MNC companies. EasyLeadz provides database selectively for MNC companies.